Bedroom Loft Conversion in London (Twickenham)

Loft conversion type: Velux loft conversion with Velux and uPVC windows

Rooms built: 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom

Build time: 6.5 weeks

Materials: uPVC windows, red clay roof tiles, wooden floor

Finish: Standard

Company: Herts-based loft conversion company, Loftworld

Customer rating: 9/10

Customer comments: “The new guest bed is great – it lets my mum have some privacy when she comes over and we barely noticed the work for most of the build. Joel was really helpful and polite, we couldn’t be happier! Mornings are far less stressful too since we use the extra bathrooms even if nobody’s staying in the top room.”

Company comments: “Velux loft conversions are always relatively quick to build so we were actually a bit ahead of schedule with this project. It’s quite unusual to build two bathrooms with a single bedroom, but it really makes sense when there’s a big family and everyone’s trying to get ready at the same time.”