Hacks and Furniture Tips

The shapes made by your roofline and the additions in a loft conversion can make it tricky to furnish properly. Rather than moving furniture against the walls, you may need to create custom furniture or only put your furniture against 2 walls rather than having the option to use all 4.

Here are our favourite hacks and tips for furnishing your loft conversion to make it look amazing.

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Top Tips

  • Don’t buy or order furniture until the loft conversion is built – sometimes adjustments need to be made to the design if something unexpected comes up so your new furniture may not fit.
  • Measure twice, buy once!
  • Stick to a colour scheme to tie the room together – you may want a single scheme, or even neutral tones with a pop of colour. Just make sure you’re consistent.
  • Take your time – it’s better to have a semi-furnished loft than to fill it with furniture you don’t love just to get it done.
  • If you have the budget, get cupboards and wardrobes custom built so that they fit the slope of your ceiling.
  • Think storage – you can use the bottom space under the roofline or even the stairs to add more storage to your conversion.
  • Try to ignore the colour or finish if you like the shape and style of a piece – you can always change the details later.
  • Shop with a tape measure so  you know exactly where everything will go.
  • Remember the size and width of your staircase – loft conversion stairs tend to be slimmer than your usual staircase so you might have problems getting larger pieces of furniture up there.